Our Testimonials

Brigitte Johannessen, G51 Amplify

“This is an awesome space for those entrepreneurs looking for a large, quiet space to concentrate and collaborate in. The atmosphere and energy is open and welcome as everyone is willing to help where they can. Not to mention, this is a wonderful location for those who live further out west/north from the city. We’re surrounded by a nature preserve, how amazing is that?!”

Bill Alderson, HopZero

“At IncubatorCTX we have a whole portfolio of expert advisors who help us come to various conclusions such as financial projections and marketing programs, what’s affected and what isn’t affected. Along with 24/7 access to facilities and resources.”

Annie Hardy, Z Insights

“When I first came to the Concordia University Texas campus, I didn’t expect to find what I found, a community. People investing in me with university support. People coming in to share their knowledge and wisdom, and people coming in to be a community of entrepreneurs moving in that growth-oriented direction.”

Amanda Keeter, Fostering Hope Austin

As a nonprofit moving from start-up to growth mode, Incubator CTX at Concordia University has helped us to address a number of barriers to our growth.  We had been working “leanly” and had been operating from home offices.  This is the first time that our team of 5 has been able to have regular face time in the week and the ability to do that affordably has enabled us to fast track initiatives related to marketing, program offerings, funding, and more.
Meeting with the professionals at Concordia and with the resident entrepreneurs, G51, has not only affirmed strategic direction, but it has built relationships that will last.
Utilizing the Incubator is reflective of what you make of it. For us, it was the perfect time and space to help us launch into our next chapter of having our very first offices!  Thank you IncubatorCTX!

Mark O’ Brien, Sales Professional

Best NW Austin location for your startup at Concordia U. on the RM 620 Corridor between Round Rock and Lakeway. Great speaker series and access to startup resources and the University. Why fight downtown traffic?

Rudy Garza, G51 Amplify

Great location and space for NW Austin! Parking, beautiful campus, on-campus dining, Wi-Fi and Smart Co-tenants sharing the space. Nice collaboration culture with tenants, professors, startups and students.