Benjamin Balen, IncubatorCTX Social Media Intern, shares his tips for working online and going to school remotely!

With the recently announced global pandemic, otherwise known medically as “COVID-19,” many of us have found ourselves working from the comfort of our own homes. This can be both a blessing and a curse; while it’s fun to stay in your pajamas, if you are used to an office environment, you may find it difficult to stay focused and productive without a supervisor.  The following article will discuss some tips you can use while working online from home either for your job or continuing your education online.

benjamin b - student Social Media intern at IncubatorCTX and Corona-19

Maintain a Routine:

Staying true to a schedule is important for mental health during this time. Working online from home can allow many of us to be more flexible with hours. In light of this, sticking to a consistent schedule helps you mentally focus throughout the day. For example: If you normally work the typical 9 – 5, stick to those hours because they are what you are used to. Wake up and go through your morning routine of showering, eating, grabbing a coffee, or getting dressed. This will help you get prepared for the workday and become more productive.

When getting ready for the day, choose somewhere in your house similar to office space, even if it’s your living room coffee table. It can be very tempting to want to hop in bed with your computer, but choosing a spot such as a desk or a table can help maintain that consistency and ensure your productivity. Sticking to a routine and finding a workspace are two good ways to become more productive in your workday.

Stay Connected While Working Online:

If your company only has online meetings or only communicates through email, this doesn’t mean you can’t ask to stay connected to coworkers and supervisors during this quarantine. Ensure you are staying productive by communicating with your supervisors consistently to let them know what you are working on and see what else can be done. There are many things you cannot feasibly accomplish from home and discussing those issues with your supervisor can really help them and you adequately use your time at home to accomplish some other important tasks.

Secondly, without the usual socializing between co-workers, the day can seem long and lonely, especially for extroverts who get energy and mental health from being around others. Find ways to get connected and chat with co-workers by using software such as Slack, Zoom, or even Discord. If you do not have access to any of these, a simple text wishing them well can be polite. These conversations can help give you a break between work tasks.

Take Breaks:

Working online from home can be difficult because now you rarely have reasons to get up to move around. You don’t realize how many times during the day at work you get up to move around and grab a coffee, run to the restroom, or stop in a supervisor’s office. According to Chiropractor Matthew Devoe, “Get up and step away for 5 minutes every hour of screen time.” He recommends using this time to do a short exercise or take your dog on a walk. Break up the day by using these tactics to not get overwhelmed by staring at a computer screen for 8 hours.

When the workday is over, set aside some time and take a break from all electronics. Get outside for a quick jog or walk, read a book, or spend some time with family. Taking a break from electronics is important right now as we are using them more than ever.

We hope these tips can help you become more productive working online at home!

Written by Benjamin Balen



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