Bill Alderson, Founder and CTO at HOPZERO presented his talk “Finding Your Cyber Security Programs Most Vital Mission” on Thursday, December 5th in IncubatorCTX to a room full of entrepreneurs, business students, and community members.

Founded in 2017, HOPZERO is determined to secure corporate industry, government, utilities, military, insurance, financial and healthcare enterprise environments from internal and external threats. Firewalls focus on keeping things out; HOPZERO focuses on keeping your company’s data inside the organization. HOPZERO has recently raised funding and introduced HopSphere Radius Security which prevents data exfiltration.

Bill discussed the key components to know about protecting data and preventing would-be attackers, one of them is to never click on a suspicious email/browser link. He emphasized that while it looks real, it could be a gateway for a hacker (or, “phish”) to exfiltrate your computer. To best practice internet safety, he explains, you should always type in the address you need to go to instead. In a scary statistic, it is revealed that “a single security incident cost average U.S. businesses $7.91 million.” For example, Equifax, the Atlanta credit reporting agency, revealed its 2017 cybersecurity incident cost about $1.4 billion.

For more information about HOPZERO, visit their website by typing in “HOPZERO .com” in your internet browser.


Written by Hannah Watson


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