All of us at IncubatorCTX were excited to hear “ Raising Capital From Angel Investors ” from Claire England, Executive Director, of the Central Texas Angel Network (CTAN) at Concordia University TX on Wednesday, November 14. Her talk introduced how to connect and collaborate with Angel Investors and raise money for businesses.

Raising Capital from Angel Investors: IncubatorCTX Co-working Space hosts Claire England of CTAN

Since 2006, CTAN has nearly $100M invested in 170+ companies, with the help of 185 Angels. CTAN’s investors, with diverse background and sector expertise, span multiple industry verticals. Investors devote time and expertise, having volunteered 5,000+ hours in 2017. As mentors and coaches, their highest priority is advising businesses and entrepreneurs and helping them in raising capital.

Angel Investors are often innovative, smart, driven people who enjoy mentoring and advising entrepreneurs. They consider many factors when investing in startups, the most important being their belief in the management team and as well as the size and scalability of the opportunity. Since most angel investments in a startup span multiple years, angels are investing in a relationship with an entrepreneur. They build a relationship, they invest their money. To impress Angel Investors, companies or startups must be coachable, transparent, and above all, memorable.

Claire England’s talk discussed the types of Angel Investments, which are typically equity or convertible debt. She also spoke on how to pitch to investors by telling a story, showing passion, and being authentic. Claire states that there are fourteen elements of great pitch:

  1. Logo/Tagline
  2. Problem
  3. Solution
  4. Demo
  5. Business Model
  6. Competition
  7. Differentiation
  8. The Team
  9. Timeline/Milestones
  10. Traction
  11. Financials
  12. The Ask
  13. Your Contact Info
  14. The Close

Her talk gave us a great overview of how to find and pitch to Angel Investors. It also taught us how to get Angels to buy into a product, a company, and of course, a management team as well and of course steps on raising capital.

If you missed Claire’s Speaker Series, watch the replay here.

Written by Kinsley Fisher