Jordan Jones, founder and CEO of Packed Party, presented her talk “How To Build and Bootstrap a Multi-Million Dollar Company From a 500sf Apartment” on Thursday, November 14th to an auditorium full of undergraduate business students, entrepreneurs, and Vandegrift High School’s INCubatoredu program.

In her talk “How To Build and Bootstrap a Multi-Million Dollar Company From a 500sf Apartment,” Jones provided key insight on the struggles and triumphs of creating a successful, well-run company, and all she has learned along the way.

“The entrepreneurial journey is not for the faint of heart,” Jordan began her talk. Having started in humble beginnings in a 500 square foot apartment in San Francisco, Jordan Jones sought comfort from her mother one night who promptly responded with, “You’re throwing yourself a pity party, go to bed.” An idea came to her in her sleep, and the next morning, she began designing what is now Packed Party.

Packed Party allows individuals to send a physical party package to themselves, their friends, coworkers, or whoever is in need of a pick-me-up. Whether it’s a pity party, a treat for Mom or a bachelorette party, Jones and her company offer it all.

Jordan explained one of the most important things about starting a product-based business is to have a “brand voice.” She accomplished this by focusing on building her social media pages, sometimes up to 5 posts a day on a single platform. Now, with over 6,700 posts on Instagram, Packed Party has over 117,000 followers and is growing. This, Jordan explained, was essential because her target market of women aged 21-34 could comment and tag their friends on her posts and generate free marketing!

After debuting in high-end retailers like Dillards and Neiman Marcus, Jordan shared she will be launching various party goods in Whole Foods next Fall – and they might include sprinkles, she teased!


Written by Hannah Watson


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