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Dr. Robert Carter: “Developing Resilience:  Use Your Brain to Master Your Day and Supercharge Your Life”

Dr. Robert Carter is a US Army Colonel and an expert in integrative human physiology and performance. Dr. Carter completed military assignments in Germany, France, Afghanistan, Washington, DC, and the White House as a military social aide for the Obama administration. He currently holds an academic appointment in emergency medicine at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.

Dr. Carter holds a doctorate in biomedical sciences and medical physiology, and a master of public health in chronic disease epidemiology. Dr. Carter received his postgraduate training in environmental epidemiology at Harvard School of Public Health. He serves on several scientific editorial boards, is a reviewer for 14 scientific and medical journals, and is a fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Institute of Stress.

He has published over 100 peer-reviewed articles, book chapters, abstracts and technical reports. Carter is also the author of the book “The Morning Mind”.



Leo Ramirez, Jr.: “Corporate Social Justice: The Next Chapter of CSR”

Encast boosts culture, brand, and connection by bringing organizations closer to their most important asset: people. Encast is the world’s first transaction-free donation platform for causes. 100% of every donation goes to charity. A single tax receipt at year end makes it convenient to give securely: anytime, anywhere.

Corporate social responsibility often evolves when the world goes through a philosophical shift. The current environment surrounding COVID-19, the economic recession, and most recently, global civil unrest, makes one thing clear: we are entering the age of corporate social justice, as Lily Zheng says in the Harvard Business Review. Zheng defines Corporate Social Justice as a reframing of CSR that centers any initiative or program on measurable, lived experiences of groups harmed and disadvantaged by society.

In this talk by Leo Ramirez Jr., you will learn:

-Identify the disadvantaged groups that your company can credibly support

-Build programs through channels in the ecosystem surrounding those groups

-Articulate how these new initiatives play a role in your broader CSR strategy

View Leo’s Slides here.

Grace Lanni: “How Authentic Personal Branding Led to a COVID Gift”

Grace is an Executive Producer from Austin, Texas. Her current project is a cinematic docuseries ‘4 Days to Save the World’ premiering on Amazon, Apple, and more Labor Day ’21. She continually stretches the cutting edge of personal/professional branding via television, radio and social. Originally trained as a Bio/Electrical engineer, Grace’s first CEO venture was an online software solution. One of only two women to be venture funded at the multi-million-dollar level in Austin in 2000, Grace was featured in the Austin Business Journal, on KEYE, and won the KPMG Stand-Out Startup Award. Today, she is focused on the intersection of entrepreneurship and television harmonizing her producer life.

Jan, Feb, and March ’20 were banner months for Grace’s 21-year-old firm, ‘All About That Brand’. Then, COVID happened. On 4/15, she made a decision to start something new – and was unsure exactly what that might be. The campaign she was running on LinkedIn captured the attention of a producer on a television show. The entertainment industry was an unknown, and the participants in the production were entrepreneurs ready to solve a social problem. Join Grace to learn about her journey from Associate to Executive Producer in 12 months.

This talk is for you if:

1) You’re not sure about how to approach social media and your career.

2) You want to start something new, but you’re not sure where to start.

3) Television is a medium you are curious about.


IncubatorCTX Speaker: Reina G. Wiatt, TyRex Group, Ltd, The Roadmap to Entrepreneurial Success

The entrepreneurial journey is not always smooth or straight. In this talk, Reina G. Wiatt will discuss her tips on how to navigate bumps and potholes along the way to entrepreneurial success.


Colonel Andy Pennington, USAF (Ret.)

He is an CTX Adjunct Professor of Computer Science and an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) Strategist at Global Infotek Inc., where he helps the Air Force apply AI/ML to cyber warfare systems. AI is a powerful technology capability that will transform business, education and government. In this IncubatorCTX event, USAF Colonel Andy Pennington (ret.) will lead a discussion about what AI is, why it’s so powerful, and how it is changing the world. Andy spent 34 years in the Air Force on Active Duty and in the Reserves. He served in a variety of career fields such as Fighter Navigator, Weapon Systems Officer, Electronic Warfare Officer, Cyber Operations Officer, Aircraft Maintenance Officer, Computer and Communications Officer, and Space Communications. He retired in 2016 after serving as the acting CIO and Director, Air and Cyberspace Operations, Pacific Air Forces, where he was responsible for leading all Pacific theater air, space, and cyberspace operations.

Concurrent with his military career, Andy also held a number of senior executive positions at IT engineering and cybersecurity firms, ultimately serving as a Senior Executive Partner (CIO mentor and coach) with Gartner Inc., the world’s leading IT Advisory firm. Andy also enjoyed work as an Associate Professor and Director of the Center for Cyber Security Policy at Our Lady of the Lake University.

He loves mentoring young people in the STEM career fields. Andy graduated from Baylor University with a BBA in Computer Information Systems and Quantitative Business Analysis, and a Master of International Management. He later earned a Master of Science in Management at Colorado Technical University, and is a graduate of Air Command and Staff College, and Air War College. His book Touching Orion, a Christian book about overcoming adversity, is scheduled for publication in March, 2021.

How do workplace values mix with personal values, and how do they change over time? Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a hiring manager or a job candidate, building those values in from the start can be significantly more impactful when both the business and the individual start off in alignment and stay there instead of trying to “reset” down the road.

Joel Coffman is the Executive Director at RecognizeGood

Over the course of several years and over 100 interviews with business leaders on implementing workplace values, several trends have emerged that Joel would like to share with you in this session. Most importantly for students and entrepreneurs, Joel will point out what to look for in the very beginning of an employment lifecycle to save stress, time and even money down the road.

About Joel Coffman:

Joel Coffman is the Executive Director at RecognizeGood, an Austin-based nonprofit which promotes the power of public gratitude and GOOD in all sectors, from encouraging volunteers to career development. Joel received a degree in Journalism and Advertising from the University of North Texas in 2008 and has grown with RecognizeGood and its for-profit partner the TyRex Technology Family since 2013. He is passionate about strengthening the Central Texas community through GOOD and his favorite part of the job is finding opportunities to connect those selfless servants he meets with each other and extend the “circle of good.” Since a pivotal moment early in his e-commerce career, Joel has dedicated his professional and personal time and talents toward the betterment of a community he holds very dear.

Joel is a 2019 graduation of Leadership Austin’s Essential program. He received a 2018 Volunteer of the Year award from the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce for his work with Austin Gives, and was named a 2017 Business Leader of the Year by the Career and Technology Association of Texas, among other accolades.

Gay Gaddis is the founder of T3, an innovative digital and marketing agency that rose to national prominence under her leadership for over 30 years, acquired by LRW Group in 2019.

An active spokesperson, artist and writer, Gaddis is the celebrated author of Cowgirl Power: How to Kick Ass in Business & Life and is a regular contributor to Forbes and part of Fortune’s Powerful Women Insider Network. She has received numerous awards including Fast Company’s “Top 25 Women Business Builders,” Inc. Magazine’s “Top 10 Entrepreneurs of the Year” and C200’s Luminary Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence. Gaddis is the first female Chairman of the Texas Business Leadership Council, former Chairman of The Committee of 200 (C200), immediate past board member for Monotype Imaging Holdings, Inc. and is on the Board of Directors of the Texas Cultural Trust and The University of Texas’ alumni association Texas Exes. As an artist, Gaddis’ bold and vibrant paintings have been shown in several prestigious galleries around the country including a solo show at The Curator Gallery in New York City, featured in Paper Magazine and by Texas Monthly magazine naming Gaddis as one of the “Top Ten Artists to Collect Now.” Gaddis and her husband own and operate the Double Heart Ranch in the Texas Hill Country which houses their most recent endeavor, Fossil Ridge Creative Center, a retreat venue for thinking, creativity and collaboration.

How to Build A Website on WordPress

In this talk, you’ll learn the fundamentals of this powerful content management system (CMS) and learn the skills to build a WordPress website for your business. This is especially important during these current work-at-home COVID 19 times. Having a website helps you to market your business online and drive online sales!

Kim and Mike Barnes: “Presenting with Purpose in this Virtual World”

Kim & Mike Barnes have each spent 30 years on the air! Now they coach clients for on-camera impact in video and media interviews and public speaking.

Kim was an award-winning reporter and news anchor for 15 years, including more than a decade at KVUE in Austin. Kim taught television news reporting at The University of Texas (her alma mater).

Mike Barnes was an award-winning sportscaster at KVUE for over 29 years He was named Best Sportscaster in Austin 17 years and Best in Texas four times.

Mike & Kim have a 23-year-old son who’s a graduate of Texas A&M and a 20-year-old daughter who’s sophomore at UT!

This dynamic duo knows how to make a great impression on camera or in front of a room.

Cherie B. Mathews

She believes that there is an entrepreneur in everyone. In her talk, “The Inventor in You,” Cherie will share her real-life stories of starting something small – just a thought and turning it into a successful journey. Turning a challenge of reinventing a stapler into working on projects for NASA. One question and a desire of helping to impact our youth resulted in a successful reach and impact of millions. She’ll share how she turned a bad thing into a good thing for others and turned an idea for a product and solution to help breast cancer patients into a patented product that has helped thousands. Cherie will share the necessary mindset to think and take action required to be an inventor and be a change maker.

Cherie believes in the bootstrap model as a learning platform before scaling your business or service. Throughout her journey, Mathews has learned that each of us is an inventor on the inside and it only takes a stroke of inspiration to bring our dreams to life.

“Startup Marketing – Let’s go Fishing,”

Greg discusses how every business should start by solving a hard problem not addressed (or done well) today. The basics of the 4 ‘P’s still apply today – Product, Price, Place, Promotion. Greg believes adding the importance of a 5th ‘P”, Presence, will help you be where your prospects are. Just like fishing, you have to know the type of fish, the right water, fishing hole, and bait to get what you want. So gather your tackle box, rod, and bait – It’s time to go fishing for business!

Greg Fitzgerald has over 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur. His specialty is in strategic and tactical marketing as well as demand generation for fast-growth organizations. Greg is currently CEO of Cyberforce Security, interim CMO for Gradient Cyber and Praetorian, and is on the advisory boards of many start-ups.

Crisis Leadership with Ken Wisian Major General USAF (ret)

This IncubatorCTX Lunch Leadership focuses on times of crisis. Learn how to control your business and lead effectively in troubling times such as this COVID-19 outbreak! Ken Wisian Ph.D. and Major General USAF (ret) discusses crisis communication skills during this troubling time. Learn some of his leadership skills and ask questions in this amazing webinar opportunity!

IncubatorCTX Lunch Leadership with Carolyn Jenkins

Carolyn Jenkins is an award-winning executive servant leader who has an extensive and diverse background. Her first award was for cutting edge work in the HR area and her most recent award was for outstanding customer success. She has successfully managed remote teams and customers for decades. She has lead companies through two economic downturns, as well as through rapid growth.

A few of her philosophies that have helped her successfully manage through two economic downturns (and upturns, too) are as follows;

· The law is not the bar. It is the bare minimum of what you should do.
· People mirror your emotions, so put a kind smile on your face.
· Utilize the Platinum Rule: “Do unto others as they’d like done unto them”

· Transparency and frequent communication are imperative.

Carolyn discusses these points along with more during our first IncubatorCTX Lunch Leadership Webinar. Check out this video and our other videos to learn how to continue growing your business as we discuss some of the most pressing issues you might encounter!


Prashant V. Joshi – “Serve, Lead, Succeed the Yogic Way”

Leadership is often overused, misunderstood, and perceived only for the elite. Yoga and Leadership are rarely used in the same sentence especially in the work environment. To demystify the relationship between them, we are pleased to organize this interactive workshop. Prashant V. Joshi takes us through an amazing webinar teaching how to lead-based on the main principles of yoga. For more videos subscribe to our channel!

Mark O’Brien – Sales Conversations

This IncubatorCTX Lunch Leadership Presents Mark O’Brien. Mark O’Brien is a sales executive who has experienced business cultures over decades from Boston to Silicon Valley to Austin. His leadership lunch webinar “Sales Conversations,” centers on vital questions businesses should be asking their customers from a customer touch perspective of sales, business development and support during these fluid and challenging times. Mark’s experience spans companies such as IBM, Okidata, and Microfocus. He can help companies scale from pre-revenue to $40 million+ in revenues. Mark has a large sales quota and is a mentor at IncubuatorCTX, Vandegrift High School INCubator Program, and Mass Challenge. He received his B. Sc. In Economics and MIS Management, magna cum laude, from the University of Massachusetts – Boston and his MBA in International Management from IMEDE in Lausanne, Switzerland.

IncubatorCTX LinkedIn 101 Webinar

IncubatorCTX hosts its first of three LinkedIn Webinars. This webinar discusses some key tips you can use to improve your LinkedIn profile. Our first host, Thom Singer, is a professional keynote speaker. Thom has spoken at hundreds of events including a TedX talk. Thom hosts a podcast, “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do,” which can be found on many streaming platforms. He brings a unique approach to LinkedIn profiles giving you tips on how to build your profile for personal business. Our second host, Elizabeth Quintanilla, is a marketing professional with a broad skill set. She has experience in not only marketing but search engine optimization and coding. Her experience teaches us how to leverage our LinkedIn accounts to build a strong personal network.

IncubatorCTX Presents LinkedIn 201

IncubatorCTX presents LinkedIn 201! Find leads. Nurture prospects. Close deals! If you had a guaranteed source of quality leads at your fingers, would that change your biz? OVERVIEW & PURPOSE: In the space of an hour, you will learn 20 LinkedIn strategies to specifically generate leads. OBJECTIVES: Walk away with skills to specifically generate leads in their target demographic markets. LEARNING OUTCOMES: How to find and contact key-decision makers and target buyers How to nurture prospects until ‘sales-ready’ and generate sales appointments

IncubatorCTX Presents LinkedIn 301

IncubatorCTX presents LinkedIn 301! This webinar will discuss topics related to leveraging your LinkedIn in your professional career. Find leads. Nurture prospects. Close deals! If you had a guaranteed source of quality leads at your fingers, would that change your biz? OVERVIEW & PURPOSE: In the space of an hour, you will learn how to position yourself as an expert and an authority on LinkedIn OBJECTIVES: LinkedIn is one of the world’s largest long-form publishing platforms. Writing on LinkedIn allows you to develop a following, demonstrate expertise in your field, and connect with new opportunities. This session introduces the best practices for writing great posts and offers tips for amplifying your reach on LinkedIn. Topics include: -Writing what you know -Remembering your audience -Crafting great headlines that get clicks -Handling comments -Sharing content on LinkedIn and beyond
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