Prashant V. Joshi, M.A., M.Phil, E RYT-500, YACEP, C-IAYT presented his experiential talk “Serve, Lead, Succeed the Yogic Way from Boardroom to Classroom to Homeroom” on Wednesday, June 10th, 2020 over Zoom. Prashant V. Joshi is a Master Coach, Corporate executive, a computer scientist, and an electrical engineer. He is also a Mentor for the IncubatorCTX. In this talk, Mr. Joshi facilitated simple, experiential, and mindful practices to become better servant leaders to serve our internal and external customers leading to improving top-line growth.

Yoga and Leadership are rarely used in the same sentence, especially in the work environment.

To center yourself to be in the moment, Mr. Joshi encourages you to adopt the “ABC” approach: Become aware of your body, breath, and your thoughts. When you have become aware of these things, consciously relax and exhale. When you breathe, inhale to energize, and exhale to relax. The outcome being calm with a relaxation response.

Applicable to the boardroom, classroom, and your living room!

  1. Inspired leaders inspire followers.
  2. Humans are emotional animals.
  3. Rudeness is expensive, civility is NOT.
  4. Illness is expensive, wellness is NOT.

Our limbic brain is in charge of our emotions and memory. Most of the time, it is easy to get stuck in a fight-or-flight mode where we use our reptilian brain a little too much and forget our emotional part of the limbic brain. So, how can you take charge of fear, anger, and anxiety? Mr. Joshi recommends a relaxation response within our limbic brain. By definition, calming the vibrations of the mind is Yoga! It is achieved by a proper posture, proper breathing, proper relaxation, and meditation. This all becomes a recipe for effective self-management: taking charge of yourself so you can take charge of others.

Universal Attributes of Leadership, and How To Use Them:

Universal leadership attributes are applicable in the boardroom, classroom, and living room.

  • Level-headed: breathe, and let go.
  • Efficient: be in the present.
  • Aware: be open.
  • Daring: be bold.
  • Exemplary: do what you say.
  • Righteous: do the right thing.

Yoga can be a tool to help build emotional intelligence! Mr. Joshi recommends The Science of Leadership because it helps explain the importance of emotional intelligence and mindfulness!



Written by Hannah Watson



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