What is Your Typical Day?  Do You Have Times Of The Day You Feel Most Creative And Innovative?

Cherie believes you must have a quiet mind and cannot be too busy! While walking or exercising, she will give herself a problem to solve and allow herself to think freely, especially when she wants to be strategic. For example, Cherie came up with the idea to implement nanotechnology. She was faced with the dilemma of having being told to raise $10 million and put together a Board of Directors. 

“It’s pretty discouraging when somebody tells you to go raise $10 million and leaves you with, ‘Come back and see me!’”

After much thought and prayer, she came upon Eli Technology and realized what they could do for the blind, she could do for cancer patients! Her beta test did not cost $10 million and she did not have to put a Board of Directors together. In the end, it only cost her $0.45.

Cherie believes the best time to be quiet and reflect is at night before you go to bed. In the morning, be present, be thoughtful, and be prayerful about what you’re trying to move along.  Learn to discipline yourself to be quiet – allow thinking. Just like running or working out, you have to discipline your mind to allow thoughts to come in. 

“I promise you: Things will flood into your mind.”

Process of Smart Recovery Shirt…

Cherie is weeks away from having the technology on the actual shirt! Patients will be able to take their smart devices and have every platform, including IBM Watson and Eli Technology Augmented Reality Telemedicine, within a month. One day soon, Cherie is going to have inside of her Eli technology augmented reality doctor visits. The augmented doctor will be able to stand beside the patient in their bedroom and they will be able to have a conversation! It’s never been done before – this will be the first of it’s kind.


Written by Hannah Watson



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